What’s CPM?: Understanding the pros and cons of Cost Per Mille mobile advertising

George Osborn | December 10, 2014

Mobile Advertising

If you’re new to mobile advertising, we’re sure of one thing: the acronyms have confused you at some point. But we’re aiming to demystify the lingo around mobile advertising to help newbies to get their head around the (occasionally) complicated new world. And to start that process off, we’re kicking off a video series that’ll break down confusion around the “cost per” marketing terms, with CPM first.

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, but what does that actually mean when you pay a network to display such an advert? In the video below, we explain what it means, how it works and the pros and cons of such an approach on mobile to help you get started. So why not check it out below and get ready for the rest of our series “Cost per” series, which will be coming out in the next month.

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