What is The Trend in the Custom Software Development Market?

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Posted: August 15, 2018


With the entire digital world directing towards becoming tech-savviness with every day passing and there is substantial demand for custom software development which is emerging in the market especially for the custom software services. There a plethora of advanced version of brilliant tech solutions which we are already aware of. So, let’s look at the current trend in custom software development market.

Emergence of Chatbots

Among the rapidly growing software development technologies which is in great demand is Chatbots and it will certainly assist the software to develop customer-friendly bots. In recent times, chatbots are emerging as the fastest and easiest way as a complete solution for establishing and maintaining custom communication and provide ease of business. As we can evidently observe that the entrepreneurs are certainly growing in huge numbers along with their businesses, there is a definite requirement of impressive chatbots. Now, the customers can easily opt for contacting the representative of the business on the phone, and it turns out to be among the best way of communication. We will be witnessing an increase in chatbots development trend in the future.

Increasing demand for PAAS Solutions

The entire concept of the mobile workforce is the brilliant service of cloud, and this also requires the connect of the internet for the purpose of accessing the respective work which is being attained at much higher recognition and also turned a latest technological advancement. You will certainly see that the PAAS solutions will emerge as the key controllers that you have to know about. It won’t be a wrong statement that the latest technology of AI-based predictive analysis is certainly going to rule these days. So, this is among the latest software development trend to check out for any custom application development company.

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Rise of Open Source

Software developers are constantly looking for the best possible techniques which emerge in the field of open source, and this will certainly help them for the purpose of development of best in class open source technique based software. Developers all over the world keep a keen eye on the open source platform for developing trendy software. In the future, there will be a certain growing trend for different open source platforms such as Linux. There will be increasing demand for custom software development companies which can meet the requirement of web development demand in the best possible way. 

Introduction of Google Go

Another significant software development trend that you should look out for is Google Go. This particular new programming language will certainly attract programmers as well as developers in the future. It can certainly be said that Google Go is similar to another C language for the people involved in the software development field. Google has introduced this new language, and it assists in programming for their own app engine for the purpose of cloud-based development. Another added boost regarding this language is that it actually takes the benefits offered by multicore programming. 

Globalization of Software Development Team

Well, we will witness that the outsourcing of software development will be taken to a whole new level in the future. This particular software trend will certainly reach greater heights as it has the required advanced communication tools such as video conferencing facilities along with the inclusion of a multitude of software testing options. It will certainly make it as a substantial demand software trend for the purpose of facilitating improved and faster communication among the freelance developers all over the world.

Better Customer Service

When it comes down to constantly providing the best services to the customers by means of planning, software development or creating a custom portal in the business, a significant number of parameters need to be taken into consideration. Enterprise goals, budget as well as overall budget are some of these parameters. While it is quite necessary to make sure that all these things are properly taken care of, nothing should come before the actual customers. The key lies in discussing and planning out everything with your client before you start working on a particular project. Before you actually start on the journey of creating software from scratch, make sure that your client is at the basic core of all of the processes. It is vital for the developers to essentially make through this defined journey successfully while they strive towards success.

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Replacing Old Development Models

The company systems and software architecture play a key role in defining the entire life of any enterprise. With lack of proper attention to the vital internal processes, the enterprises can be quite affected, adversely. Overrun schedules, compromised security, aging of servers and loss in the entire project costing are few of them. There is a definite demand to adopt latest technologies which enable any custom software development company to focus on the growing demand of the businesses while ensuring that the internal development processes are certainly going in clearly defined manners. XaaS, serverless architecture, microservices, containers etc. are few of these latest technologies. Businesses shouldn’t hesitate to leave behind the old development models and carry on with the latest technologies.


Custom software development is seeing a substantial rise in recent times. With ever-growing of demands of businesses to develop customized software to meet their specific requirements, there is increasing trend in custom software development trend. These above-mentioned custom development trends such as emergence of chatbots, growing importance given to customers, replacement of old development methods, globalization of software development companies, increased demand of PaaS solutions and rise of open source and languages like Google Go are needed to be watched out by the software developers all over the world and they need to be aware of growing demand of these different high class latest technologies to transform the world. Software development remains to be one of the rapidly growing industries with new types of technologies constantly emerging, for the custom software development companies to check out for. In conclusion, these trends in custom software development will certainly rule the technology world in the future.

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