What is the Future of Wearable Technology?

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Posted: April 24, 2018

This generation has undoubtedly enjoyed increased technological advancement which has improved our quality of life. Our healthcare sector, transportation sector, and even the Fintech industry continue to grow beyond measure and the future holds much more. One particularly impressive innovation which is gradually becoming ubiquitous is wearable tech and this has led to the increased demand for wearable app developers.

In the last two decades, there has been an unprecedented increase in the usage of wearable technology. Wearable devices like smartwatches, activity tracking devices, and hearing aids have become an essential part of our life. This is evident in the amount of investment apportioned to the wearable technology market.

Wearable Technology and its Vast Applications

Common examples of wearable gadgets are; smartwatches, smart-glasses, ID wristbands, activity tracking devices, GPS devices, simulators, car remotes, pacemakers, and fashion accessories (e.g., smart rings, tie cameras, bracelets). However, the application of this tech extends beyond these spheres.

A wearable app development company in collaboration with a manufacturing firm will manufacture miniaturized chipsets and microprocessors which can be used in healthcare, energy market, sales, and consumer products. The future of wearable tech will see a coalition of industry giants to engender sophisticated gadgets which are almost invisible and which can provide a wide range of solutions.

Wearable App Development and the Entertainment Industry

Wearable app development services are changing the face of entertainment. In 2017, Microsoft released Augmented Reality glasses- the spectacular tool which gives people a digitally-enhanced view of their remote environment. We saw a worldwide acceptance of the Pokémon Go and this heralded new projects by another wearable app development company, Sony.

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Wearable App Developers Creating Accessible Lifestyle Accessories 

The world of fashion has seen its fair share of wearable technology. Fashionable wearables are technologies that adorn and beautify while carrying out its technological functionality. Wearable devices are now made with functionality and aesthetics at the center of the design and the plethora of Apple wearables prove this point. Designers and engineers make wearables to give accommodation to its clients as its usefulness. 

Wearable App Development Services for Fashion Items

The models and beauty icons are not left out in this trend. In the last two years, stylists now use technology to influence style and beauty. Fashion adornment, tech jewelry, and other services- grouped as intelligent fashion, is making waves in the industry and research and innovation still advances. Smart bags, smart necklaces, smart wrist watches, even smart purses now abound. You can also have your accessories changing color to match any outfit you are wearing. One other amazing feature that these smart bags and smart purses promise is the ability to charge mobile phones. There is a charger which is connected to a battery bank that is perfectly fitted inside the smart bag or smart purse. This feature provides a backup source of power in case ones mobile phone is low on battery. 

Healthcare and Wearables

In the field of healthcare, wearable technology is used when manufacturing pacemakers, activity tracking devices, and hearing aids. Also, tools which ensure effective collation of important facts on the patient such as calories burned, heart rate, sugar content, and blood pressure are being created by wearable app developers. In the nearest future, we should see developments which totally eliminate the need for bulky files and documents for each patient. Every important information would be made available on the wearable application platform easily. 

Increased Security as a Result of Wearable App Development Services

Security nowadays is a constant cause for alarm. People are left to act as their own security operatives and it’s up to wearables to eliminate the menace of insecurity. Spy glasses and cameras have been used to collect information covertly and this has thwarted several attempts at insecurity and ensured the safety of the masses. Coincidentally, the advancement in this area has also addressed the inherent risks associated with wearable apps and their constant connection to the internet.

Wearable Devices with Low Power and Memory Requirement

These wearable gadgets have no other option but to operate on battery. When we consider the fact that they’re always connected to the internet and that these devices will be in operation for extended periods, there’s an urgent demand for batteries with higher energy density. Similarly, miniaturized wearable devices will be designed to consume minimum RAM and file system space without affecting the overall performance of the gadget.

More Intuitive Wearable App Development Services

Advancement in wearable app development has further simplified the use of wearable devices. Many smartphone applications have been created and these apps can be connected wirelessly to wearable devices to act as their remote, this makes customization much easier. 

Shiftwear as of late fabricated a shoe that associates with a cell phone application which is utilized to change the outline of the shoe. The shoe is made of ordinary texture, however, it utilizes a show along its mid-section and back-area to demonstrate the outline you pick. Wearable apps are also being enhanced to get notifications, profile management, collect data, and enforce security. 

What Might Hinder Wearable App Development from Burgeoning

Wearables, even though they have seen tremendous improvements, are encumbered by several factors. Data security, short battery lifespan, and user-personalization are becoming intractable and the emergence of new users will further complicate the issue.


Assiduous internet research has revealed that there are already many wearable apps in the market. Common wearable serving as models for wearable app developers are; wearable widgets, Huawei wear, and Wear OS center continue to dominate the market and we envisage a proliferation of more applications. As a wearable app company, you will continue to enjoy an increasing amount of patronage as long as you continue to stay abreast of recent trends and innovations.

Even though we might not currently have the sophisticated gadgets Tony Stark has in his home, neither do we have Batman’s assorted collection of fancy toys yet. We are definitely enjoying wearable app development products hitherto unimagined. The future promises to be exciting and fulfilling at the same time and the hard work of any wearable app development company will not go unnoticed.

Wearable App development market is a growing undercurrent which will some be changing the management, production and supply activities of many industrial ecosystems. Thus, in hopes of dragging your attention to the same and helping you realize the future of this technology this article helps you in continuing to enjoy an increasing amount of patronage as long as you continue to stay abreast of recent trends and innovations. Even though we might not currently have the sophisticated gadgets Tony Stark has in his home, neither do we have Batman’s assorted collection of fancy toys yet.

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