What Does it Take to Build a Food Ordering App?

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Posted: March 12, 2018

Are you considering starting a food ordering and delivery business? In the recent era of digital advancements, food ordering apps are gaining impetus significantly. With the growing pace of life, the needs of the individuals are convenience focused. We want everything to be instant, cheaper, and more accessible. This is the reason why apps like Uber are becoming such widespread in the recent times. As such, the food ordering industries is shifting.

Food ordering & delivery business has come out to be a lucrative business option for the owners and a daily necessity for the urban city residents. It has taken only a few years for the major food ordering and delivery business leaders to capture the market scenarios. Even though the industry is young enough, it is already becoming famous. Several leading names like UberEats, Foodora, and others have become well-known in the upcoming food ordering industry. Given the growing popularity of the food ordering and delivery services, several new online food ordering mobile apps are being developed with more features. Food ordering app development includes food ordering and food delivery iPhone app and food delivery Android app for the end users.

If you wish to take a plunge in the top-notch food ordering app development service, then it is important to know about the important aspects of the same. By developing online food ordering mobile apps that offer excellent functionality, you can enhance your chances of getting success in the desired business. In this article, we will unveil all that you need to know about professional food ordering and delivery mobile app development.

Essential Features in a Food Ordering App

While talking about the essential features of the development of any app, user-friendliness remains at the top in all situations. Though almost all the apps are focused towards satisfying the needs of the end users, the food ordering apps come with a set of specialized features that need to be fulfilled in order to be successful. The relevant experience of the successful market leaders out there teaches us that the best solutions out there with respect to the food ordering app development is the creation of different versions of the app as per the specific group of the users including contractors, customers, and restaurant managers.

In any typical food ordering and delivery app solutions, it is important to satisfy the need of everyone:

  • Users should have a fast and easy access to the respective menus of the nearby restaurants to ensure the possibility of making orders right in the given app.
  • Couriers might be interested in the comprehensive database of the available orders and in-built geo-locating services by showing them the proper way to pick-up as well as the drop locations.
  • Restaurant managers would like to view the order list and contact the given contractors for organizing the delivery of prepared meals to the clients.

If you wish to ensure the best food ordering and delivery app development for your online business, then here are some pro tips:

  • Invest in custom app development: If you wish to attract the right target audience and enhance customer engagements, then it is necessary for designing and developing custom food ordering apps. You must focus on building a distinctive identity by developing custom apps based on the tastes and preferences of the end users. Give your food ordering business the advantage of custom designing and development. It is vital to start off with some feature-rich, secure website or application that helps the customers trust you, no matter what!
  • Encourage social media optimization: For your food ordering business to be successful, it is important that it reaches to as many target audience as possible. This can be achieved by bringing about effective SEO (search engine optimization) and social media optimization of your site and applications. The given database management systems and information architecture should be in such a way that these are able to enrich your app’s visibility amongst the potential customers.

Adding some social sharing button to your food ordering site or application will offer your business increased visibility. To achieve the same for your business, it is important to hire a team of expert food ordering app developers and programmers backed by the support of some professional SEO team.

  • Create a stronger database: For running a successful food ordering business, you would need a stronger database system. The database of your food-oriented business should include the listings of all the possible restaurants and cafes in the given possible niche to help the target audience locate a particular restaurant from your app in an efficient manner. You must ensure that your website has been programmed properly towards managing a huge database and being easy to update.
  • Customize as per the local demands: Every region tends to have specific food requirements. The success of any local food ordering and the delivery system like Uber Eats and other depends on how well these are able to cater to the diverse needs of the local public. As such, you must go for designing and developing online food ordering mobile apps that are customized as per the local needs in terms of the food requirements.

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Cost to Build a Food Ordering App

The overall cost of building a food ordering and delivery app might depend on a wide range of factors including industry expertise, region of development, and technology platform. There are some basic features of the food ordering and delivery apps that apply same to both the courier as well as customer-oriented apps. These features of the apps are developed once and then are reused for both the app versions.

The major part of any Food Delivery app is the POS version that requires the maximum expertise and features. It is also the most technologically-driven app that can be aligned with latest Beacon technologies. Therefore, the time of developing the modules of this part of the app require about 200 hours of development and designing efforts (which goes along with business analysis and the quality testing part of the app). The delivery or courier version of any food ordering and delivery app tends to have lesser number of features than the customer version of the same. As such, the courier version of the app might cost less in comparison to the customer version of any typical food ordering and delivery app and only take about 120 hours of development. The final part of any online food ordering mobile app development is building the restaurant app that normally takes about 180 hours of development.

While outsourcing your food ordering app development project to countries like India, the average cost of development on an hourly basis ranges between $15 to $35. While, it might rise up to around $45 to $75 when you will be outsourcing the food ordering app development to some European or American app development companies. Referring to that, the overall cost of the entire food ordering app development project might cost around $25k to a maximum of $35k taking global averages.

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