What are the best Mobile Ad Spying Tools?

Artyom Dogtiev | February 29, 2016

Mobile Advertising

To run an efficient mobile advertising ad campaign, like any kind of advertising campaign, mobile advertiser is forced to go the path of trial and error. Quite often, advertisers simply don’t know in advance how efficient are their decisions about using specific ad creatives, traffic sources and targeting options. Mistakes, made with these ad campaign parameters, usually results in a wasted ad budget. For many mobile advertisers such errors with their first ad campaigns may lead to a failure. Using mobile intelligence solution that supplies analytical data about ad campaigns, run by competitors, is what allows advertisers to know for sure what kind of ad campaigns are efficient and use them as an inspiration for their own campaigns. It’s been said over and over and we can’t agree more – information is the blood of the 21 century economy and an advertising is of the roams where it’s the most obvious.
There are number of companies on the market that provide ad campaigns intelligence, to know more about them you can check out this article by Charles Ngo or Top 7 Online Marketing Spy Tools list or this question thread on Quora. Below we’ve put our own list of top four for mobile advertisers to take advantage of and be more efficient with their campaigns.
WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for desktop, mobile, in-app and native display advertising and media buying, founded by Michael CojanuMax Teitelbaum in Toronto, Canada in 2011. In 15 countries the service tracks 150k+ unique publishers and identify specific advertisers, those products or services ads occupy publishers ad space. Essentially WhatRunsWhere allows to discover where your competitors advertise and hence find new quality traffic sources. The company offers three plans to meet various ad intelligence needs – Display & Mobile (for $329/month), Display Awareness (for $249/month) and Mobile Awareness (for $175/month). All plans features viewing ad creatives and traffic sources, identifying top ads, Google Content Network coverage.
Top features:

  • available in 17 countries
  • tracks 80k+ Android app and 90k+ mobile web ad publishers
  • 150 classified mobile ad networks
  • tracks campaigns in real time and provide historical data as well
  • API
  • available trial account for $1

WhatRunsWhere Online Advertising Intelligence

Adplexity is the online service, founded in 2008 in Houston, US, to monitor mobile ad campaigns on Android apps, mobile web, popups and redirects for both Wifi and carrier traffic. The company tracking service allows to monitor competitors ad campaigns in over 75 countries, with 120 mobile carriers, registered in more than 100 affiliate programs. Adplexity charges fixed subscription fee $199/month. The platform supports StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt ad networks, Adcash, PopAds, Popcash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark popup services, as well as 25 mobile web ad exchange.
Top features:

  • ad campaign search & filter by carrier, tracker, keyword, country, date, affiliate network, advertiser, ad size
  • WiFi and Carrier traffic tracking
  • live support

AdPlexity Overview – New Mobile Carrier Spy Tool

AdsXposed is a mobile ad analytics solution launched by Franz Kanehl in 2015. The service allows mobile advertisers to find ad campaigns that get the most exposure and hence are capable to generate significant revenue. AdXposed monitors more than 1,000 ads (both iOS and Android) daily, covers all major pop and redirect traffic sources and, due to manual filtering, is capable to provide 100% accuracy. The solution costs $169 / month, with no trial account available.
Top features:

  • covers all major networks
  • available in 14 countries
  • tracks iOS and Android ad campaigns
  • 24/7 support

Mobile Ad Scout
Mobile Ad Scout is a mobile advertising intelligence solution for marketers to track and analyze their competitors ad campaigns and increase efficiency of their advertising campaigns. The solution is capable to track ad campaigns run in specific countries, to search by traffic source, by platform (iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows OS), fetch and store landing pages, websites and more. Mobile Ad Scout offers a single plan that costs $177 / month.
Top features:

  • covers all major platforms (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows OS)
  • ad frequency cap tracking
  • top performing ads identification
  • track ad campaigns live time

Mobile Ad Scout – How To Use it For Massive Profits

Final Thoughts
Mobile advertising continues to grow year over year, there is a clear trend for advertising to go mobile and hence the competition between  mobile advertisers will continue to grow. In this environment, the significance of such ad campaign spy tools, as we presented above, will grow as well. The better advertisers informed about what ad campaigns are successful, what ad creatives and traffic sources are lucrative, the more successful they will be. Because these tools are capable to accumulate ad campaign performance historical data, as time goes by, their analytical efficiency continues to increase and it makes them even a better tool in the mobile advertisers toolbox.

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