Weekends are the best time to promote apps according to research

Peter Keung | April 14, 2015

Mobile Advertising

sensor tower
SensorTower, which provides an App Ranking Tool to offer developers data based on keywords, has found that weekends tend to be the best time for developers to launch and promote new apps across a variety of categories. More specifically, Sundays scored the highest nominations for engagement and revenue in SensorTower’s latest report, which breaks down revenue generation by time of day over a period of three months.
The comprehensive report charts weekly revenue estimates for iOS Books, Business, Catalogs, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Food and Drink, Games, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Navigation, News, Newsstand, Photo and Video, Productivity, Reference, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities and Weather. With most of these categories within leisure, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they score higher when consumers are experiencing downtime.
iOS Games weekly revenue is highest on Saturdays

Source: SensorTower.com
Out of the aforementioned categories, only Business and Productivity fare better during the week, as opposed to weekends. Weekdays are when most people focus on their work. Productivity apps remained fairly flat throughout, making it an important factor for most people every day of the week. Medical apps were high on Wednesdays, Thursdays as well as the weekend.
Business app revenue ranks highest on Wednesdays
Source: SensorTower.com
These findings should be useful for anyone planning an app marketing campaign and provide some relevant insight into how advertisers can schedule their ad campaigns to maximise engagement.

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