Want to increase your iOS or Android App or Game revenue by 30%? NativeX will show you how …

James Cooper | January 16, 2014

Mobile Advertising

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Our friends over at NativeX have announced a new initiative building on the back of their Mobile Native Advertising proposition which we reviewed a few weeks ago.  They are guaranteeing developers a 30% uplift in revenues during the first month of using the NativeX 5.0 SDK or they are willing to pay $30k.
The NativeX native ads model is basically designed to integrate ads much better into mobile formats.  For example, ads can be shown during game-play where the user is already highly aware and engaged.  So far NativeX have found that:

  • tests with mobile game developers have shown between 50% and 6X revenue increases using their SDK and new formats
  • one game developer Skyvu achieved 52% revenue uplift with the NativeX SDK
  • the use of programmatic and predictive analytics technologies to optimize ads based on context and behavior helps drive the increases
  • building ads into gameplay is a way of driving much better performance and conversion for advetisers and higher eCPMs for developers and publishers

According to Justin Maudlin, the Marketing Director of NativeX the reason they are running this promotion is to cut through some of the hype and put their money where mouth is:

“Most ad networks are making exaggerated claims.  We are willing to back it up with tangible results. We are all fed up with the B.S. in the market.”

There are a few conditions of course – for one thing developers need to average half a million US page impressions during the 30 day period so that will put this out of the range of the smaller developers out there.  The guarantee also only covers a couple of ad formats – interstitials and video – so if you’re making the majority of your revenue from banners or offer walls or some of the other high eCPM formats out there then this isn’t going to work for you.  You also need to implement the SDK and get the agreement with NativeX confirmed by March 1st – so that gives just over 6 weeks to get started.
You can find more about the NativeX 30% revenue uplift guarantee here or check out our NativeX review covering their new mobile ad formats

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