Walmart shifts away from print advertising and towards mobile to better target Millennials

Walmart VP Wanda Young has urged retailers to spend more of their advertising budgets on mobile campaigns. Speaking at the Mobile Marketing Association’s forum in London earlier this month, she said Walmart — which also owns UK-based supermarket Asda — is concentrating more on mobile, and less on print advertising.
In an interview with The Drum, Wanda Young, who heads up Walmart’s media and digital marketing division, is quoted as saying:

“We are moving away quickly from print. We really believe that from Walmart’s perspective you follow the customer — it’s that simple. If you do customer research and you watch customer behavior, all of their time spent now is split between devices. As more and more we shift our audience of who we try to target towards a millennial audience, they just don’t read print.”

Walmart will shift more towards mobile advertising in the future. It already operates its own mobile app, complete with coupon support
walmart app
Young pointed out that print advertising can’t cater to its needs, and listed expense, long lead times, and inflexibility to rapid change as being prime reasons why it’s shifting towards mobile. In her presentation at the forum, Young said Walmart is investigating the use of geo-location technology and mobile video in future campaigns, believing them to be key factors in creating awareness and building intent to purchase.
Recent research has shown Millennials favor Walmart over stores including Target, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods in North America. The retailer attracts more than 260 million customers each week in its 11,000-plus stores around the world.

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