Video ads drive online sales by 48%

Anne Freer | October 1, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Video ads boasted 48% higher sales compared to static digital ads, according to research by video advertising firm VidMob.

The latest study dives deeper into video ads as a marketing tool by comparing ads across social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and others over the holiday season.

How long a video ad plays a key role in terms of purchase rate. For example, 10 to 15-second video ads sold 19% more than average length videos.

They also performed 184% better than short video ads up to five seconds in length and 12% better than those that were 16 seconds long.

As much of this year’s holiday season is likely to be shaped by eCommerce and mCommerce sales, video ad sales are likely to increase.

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, US adults already spent more time viewing video on mobile devices than ever before.

In terms of creative and content, video ads that show text in the first frame or within three seconds after a video starts, increased purchases by 46% than those without text.

If the word “shop” was shown, the purchase rate was five times higher than ads with “get” or “find” as a call-to-action.

Earlier this year, VidMob posted the findings of a survey revealing that the emotion of surprise boosted performance of video ads by a whopping 360%.

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