Users of shopping apps visit stores more often than non-app users

Anne Freer | March 29, 2022

App Business

Mobile app users visited brick-and-mortar stores 41% more often during a 12-month period compared to non-app owners, according to new research from Inmobi. 

The study found that retail and QSR app owners visited stores 39% more frequently while store visits for big box retailer app owners were 24% more frequent and 25% more frequent among grocery app owners.

Big box stores had the highest app awareness (25%-29%). 

Among the main factors for using retail apps, 60% of shoppers aged 55+ cited convenience. 

Brand apps also save time (33%), offer discounts (25%) and reduce the time spent waiting in line (21%).

Mobile ads and word of mouth are the top main methods for consumers to find out about an app.

A third of shoppers say they save considerable time shopping through a QSR app, while 26% say it’s more convenience. 

However, 43% of respondents say they have never ordered through a QSR app and 35% weren’t even aware that major QSR brands had apps. This creates an opportunity for retailers and brands to up their game in promoting their QSR shopping features to shoppers. 

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