User time spent on Instagram and Snapchat growing faster than on Facebook

Anne Freer | May 15, 2020

App Business

Instagram and Snapchat are forecast to grow more substantially in 2020 compared to social network Facebook due to increased engagement during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.

According to eMarketer, US adults will spend around 1 hour and 22 minutes daily using the social media apps. That’s seven minutes more than in 2019.

Instagram is seeing some of the most notable growth at a 14% boost compared to 2019 to an average 30 minutes per day.

According to eMarketer, the forecast was revised substantially since its last prediction in November 2019 which pinned Instagram growth to be just 24 seconds higher per day.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is rising 12% to an average 29.5 minutes per day, compared to a previously forecast modest gain of 30 seconds per day.

Facebook user interaction is predicted to grow 4.3% to 34 minutes a day, which still pins the social network highest in terms of actual minutes used, but represents the smallest gain from the previous year.

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