Underwhelmed – only a quarter of UK app users have previously purchased during a livestream

Anne Freer | November 16, 2022


Livestream shopping kicked off during the pandemic as a way to make it easier to use mobile phones and apps to purchase goods online. By 2022, installs of the top 10 livestream shopping apps in the US had reached 2.3 million. YouTube, Instagram and co were quick to add features for creators and retailers to produce livestreams while TikTok produced results that said half of its users were interested in mCommerce livestreams. However, just 36% of US and 25% of UK mobile users have ever actually made a purchase during a livestream, according to a new study from The Influencer Marketing Factory.

Livestream shopping has a long way to go in the West

Based on a survey of 2,000 respondents, the report found that the majority of mobile app users had not made a purchase from a livestream. Livestream shopping was also not considered any more fun or entertaining than regular online shopping. Some 27% of US respondents spent between $20 and $50 on their Livestream purchases while UK respondents (31%) spent only up to $20. The main reasons for shoppers to take it to the livestream were product quality, free delivery and discounts. 

Have you ever purchased something during a livestream by age

Source: Influencer Marketing Factory

The top platform for US shoppers was Facebook (26%) while UK respondents prefer TikTok (30%). 

The preferred livestream platforms in the US and UK

Source: Influencer Marketing Factory

Livestream is a revolution in the Chinese market

The picture is vastly different in China where 700 million Chinese users watch livestreams and 460 million have purchased goods from them. Sales in China are expected to grow to $423 billion this year. By comparison, revenues from livestream shopping are expected to hit $20 billion in the US this year. 

Douyin livestream tools are popular, especially among younger consumers. Some 88% of its users said they had livestreamed in February 2022.

Among the top features used in livestreams were free gifts and events. For example, a Walmart TikTok event generated 7x more views and grew its TikTok following by 25%.

The majority of products users purchased during livestreams were clothing and beauty products.

Preferred products for livestreams

Source: Influencer Marketing Factory

Key takeaways

  • 36% of US and 25% of UK mobile users made a purchase during a livestream
  • US users spent between $20 and $50 on their Livestream purchases while UK respondents spent up to $20
  • Livestream sales in China are expected to hit $423 billion in 2022

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