Twitter reveals major trends for marketers and brands

Anne Freer | March 9, 2022

Mobile Advertising

Twitter just launched a new report that highlights emerging topics and trends across the app which could benefit brands and marketers reach engaged audiences on the micro-blogging app.

The main takeaways for marketers are three major trends one of which is the great restoration that focuses on people stepping away from conversation purely about the pandemic. 

But the trend also shows that users are looking for brands to engage more actively with issues such as global warming. 

Keywords here are accountability, callout culture and building back a better future. It’s a chance for brands to connect wellness and sustainability.

Fan-built worlds was another major trend for fans looking to collaborate to create pieces of art, especially in light of NFT culture. 

Twitter found a 994% rise in mentions of “fan tokens” and 2x tweet replies in the tandem space. 

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency discussions are also kicking off on the app with a 492% rise in using emojis in financial conversations compared to the previous year.

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