Twitter hands back control over pre-roll video ads to publishers

Until now, Twitter has been handling the sale of its pre-roll video ads through its Twitter Amplify platform. However, that may be about to change.
Twitter is apparently considering the option to let publishers sell pre-roll video ads embedded in videos shared on the micro-blogging site. According to a person close to the company, the new format option is still in development.
With video advertising now responsible for half of Twitter’s ad revenue, the move could return control over ad sales to publishers and may lead to higher revenues. At the same time, publishers will be able to pitch their Twitter video ad deals to advertisers and marketers.
For Twitter, the added transparency would not affect its revenue splits. As before, publishers would keep 70% of ad revenues, whilst Twitter gets a 30% cut.
Right now, the Amplify platform automatically pairs publisher video content with Twitter’s ad inventory across 15 categories. By returning control to the publishers, they will be able to decide themselves whom they wish to sell ads to.
A Twitter spokesperson commented that the company was “always listening to the needs of our partners and exploring turnkey solutions to help publishers grow their business and audiences.”
Although the company has been adding options for publishers to sell more branded content and rolled out flexible revenue share agreements, the latest move also signals a serious commitment to brand safety.
At the same time, the company has been busy partnering with large media groups such as Walt Disney Co. to develop ads for ESPN, ABC and Disney Channel live content on Twitter.

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