Twitter finally adds keyword blocking

Anne Freer | January 13, 2022

App Business

Twitter said it wants to change the way in which users view content on the app by expanding keyword blocking. The company is also adding a tool to mute tweets.

The company said in a tweet that it was “working on some updates so keywords you’ve muted and accounts you’ve muted/blocked stay out of a few more places.”

The option allows users to more effectively control what they are seeing and avoid topics or people they do not wish to view.

Twitter has previously come under fire from users for its limited blocking options that meant users were unable to block select accounts and keywords.

In the past, muting keywords wasn’t applied to all instances and users kept seeing the blocked content.

Twitter added:

“First up, Events. Now across Android, iOS, and web, Events from accounts you’ve blocked or muted won’t appear in your Explore tab, “What’s happening” sidebar and emails, or Event-based notifications.”

As social media networks are increasingly coming under fire for privacy and security issues pertaining to not just private user data but also the content they are exposed to, it seems like a logical step for Twitter to finally enable blocking.

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