Twitch rolls out multiplayer ad format

Anne Freer | November 18, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Twitch has launched an interactive video advertising format that shares the same advert to a group of viewers when they’re streaming a video at the same time.

These so-called ‘multiplayer ads’ are still being tested in beta, but when they go live it means that creators can deliver the same adverts to the same viewers.

Right now, ads are targets to users.

After an ad, creators can share a poll on the app and viewers who answers receive rewards in the form of Bits.

Bits are Twitch’s currency.

Of course, the platform remains ad-free for subscribers and Turbo users.

The new format is being served by clicking on the ‘run ad’ action button from the Creator Dashboard.

All ads are labelled as such and for now they’re restricted to the desktop version of Twitch. However, the company has plans to launch them on iOS and Android devices in early December.

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