Twitch has highest market share of 73% for DAUs

Anne Freer | May 10, 2022

App Business

Twitch is one of the top live streaming apps taking a 73% market share in terms of daily active users.

That’s according to Q1 2022 data from Sensor Tower which shows that the leading 10 streaming apps saw over $267 million in global consumer spending. 

Focusing its analysis solely on user-generated livestream apps and excluding those with additional live-streaming features like TikTok and Instagram, it found that the top five apps attracted 90% of the daily active user market share. 

Twitch’s lead is significantly with Bigo Live following in second spot at 9%.

However, competition is stiffening given that Twitch’s market share was 75% in Q1 2021.

It shows that the demand for live-streaming is attracting a significant amount of players and users are happy to give them a try. 

Major markets for live-streaming apps include the US but also India. 

Twitch still has a small presence in India compared to competitors Uplive, Loco, Tango and Bolo. 

Uplive saw its usage in the market rise 71% yearn-year, Loco jumped 68% and Tango noticed a 60% rise. 

Big Live led in terms of consumer spending with an estimated $81.8 million in gross revenue, followed by Twitch with $72.56 million and Tango with $30.4 million. 

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