Traackr expands influencer marketing analytics tools

Anne Freer | September 30, 2019


Traackr, the influencer marketing platform, has added two new tools to enable marketers to analyse which influencers resonate more successfully with target audiences to boost ROI.

Among them is the Audience Quality feature which was co-developed with HypeAuditor. The feature automatically assigns a quality score to an Instagram influencer.

It breaks down audiences into four main categories: legitimate people, suspicious followers, mass followers and other influencers. The tool also predicts how likely influencer content is to reach a relevant audience for authentic engagement.

Its core metrics include an audience quality score from 1 to 100. This enables marketers to weed out suspicious accounts and inauthentic engagement. The feature the shows a breakdown of an influencer’s audience.

The authenticity and reachability score highlight total authentic audience, the ratio of followers who see an influencer’s post and comments/likes to help identify if engagement is organic or was artificially elevated.

“Purchased followers, bots and misaligned values all detract from an influencer’s audience integrity and limit the impact they can have on a brand campaign, leading marketers to routinely overspend on the wrong collaborations and miss out on the highest potential performing influencers,” said Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO and co-founder of Traackr.

“We developed these tools so marketers can access rich data about the makeup of influencers’ audiences and make investment decisions based on authenticity and alignment, instead of perpetually relying on audience size – a problem which has plagued the industry for the last decade.”

The Brand Values Match tool streamlines influencer evaluation to match brands. It also identified potential risks. Marketers will be able to type in keywords and detect if influencers publish on platforms with controversial topics. Brand Values Keywords can include politics, religion, drugs, and profanities.

Marketers will assign “tolerance scores” and be alerted if these scores are hit when searching posts containing such keywords.

The Values Match Score adds a tolerance score configured by the marketer. Thresholds are colour-coded to highlight how closely an influencer aligns to brand values.

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