Tinder adds Swipe Night again to help users engage

Anne Freer | August 13, 2021

App Business

Tinder, the popular dating app, is bringing back its Swipe Night, following the success of the feature last year which saw 20 million members sharing storylines.

Swipe Night is a more interactive way for Tinder users to match with others and explore potential partners.

When it was launched in 2020, it was another way to engage with people globally during lockdowns, and resulted in a 26% rise in matches.

“Swipe Night paved the way for social entertainment experiences on Tinder, which have become an incredibly popular way for members to match and interact with new connections,” said Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder.  “We can’t wait for people to experience this new storyline, a mystery that will certainly give them a lot to talk about as they work together to figure out who did it.”

It positions Tinder as more than your traditional match-making or hookup app.

Swipe Night round 2 will feature new characters and storylines and a whodunit that users can take part in by swiping.

At the end of an episode users can be paired with one another through “Fast Chat” which allows them to talk about the story and analyse clues.

It’s a less ‘dating’ focused and more activity-based way to meet new people and get chatting.

The Swipe Night feature will be aded to the Explore section in the app.

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