TikTok trials shoppable video live streams in-app

Anne Freer | August 25, 2020

App Business

Shoppable livestreams have finally made it onto popular video app TikTok.

This week, the app is hosting its first shoppable livestream with home shopping network Network.

Targeted at Gen Z the livestream will be showing off a limited edition fashion collection designed by Joshua Vides.

The collection, which includes pieces inspired by TikTok users themselves, will be available exclusively for live streamers on the app and can be purchased via pop-up page.

It marks the first time that users can make a purchase directly from the app without being redirected.

The stream is being hosted as part of Ntwrk’s TRANSFER festival on August 26th between 10am to 11am PT.

The collection will then go up for just 24 hours on TikToks’s website at 10am PT and in the Ntwrk app from 12.30pm PT.

The benefits of shoppable livestream videos is that it makes engagement much more transactional by getting rid of the in-between step.

Live streaming has become a major trend across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. In addition, influencers are using these apps to promote products and share their reviews.

Arguable shoppable livestreams are building on these successes and could be a major hit among TikTok viewers.

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