TikTok to launch new eCommerce ad formats

Anne Freer | April 16, 2021

App Business

TikTok is getting ready to launch new eCommerce-focused ad formats to bolster its revenues.

According to leaked information obtained by Business Insider, the popular app is gearing up to diversify its range of in-stream shopping tools.

‘Collection Ads’ will allow brands to merge their product catalog listings and branded videos. In this way, users can shop for relevant products much more easily.

The social app is also looking to add Dynamic Product Ads to retarget users.

And its new Promo Tiles could allow brands to add customisable sales and promotional alerts to their feeds.

Showcase Tiles will employ the help of creators to promote products.

TikTok parent app Douyin already makes most of its revenues from in-app commerce rather than in-app ads.

Based on the success of these features, it’s clear with the app would gear up to adopt a similar route. 

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