TikTok to launch affiliate program for shop owners and brands

Anne Freer | February 17, 2021

App Business

TikTok is apparently preparing to launch an affiliate program for shop owners to promote their products on the app.

According to tweet by Stacked Marketer, the popular short-form video app is working on ways to bring together brands and influencers in this way.

Where a shop wants to promote one of their products, they can work with creators on TikTok to feature it on their channels.

As part of the move, the TikTok Shop Seller University will be offering guidance on how to get started and maintain momentum.

The company calls it a “training  hub to help you do business on TikTok.” It provides lessons and learning tools as well as updates for shops. 

Right now there are two ways to sell on the app: via a brand’s own page or through a TikTok affiliate.

When selling through their brand page, sellers can display products via livestream or short videos. When customers view the content they can click on a link and be taken to a product page detailing more information.

Selling through an affiliate means that a brand works with a creator to promote their products. The Seller Center lets brands set up their promotion plans and collaborate with suitable influencers.

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