TikTok rolls out host of new tools for retailers, brands and mobile marketers

TikTok recently announced plenty of new and exciting features at the TikTok World event that saw marketers and brands come together to embrace the app’s unique community.

With 61% of its members rating its video more unique than other platforms and 7 out of 10 voting TikTok ads “enjoyable”, brands have much to go on.

Now, TikTok is expanding its features with a TikTok Creator Marketplace – sort of a self-serve portal that helps brands to find creators.

The Marketplace API lets marketers access first-party marketplace data that expert like Captiv8, Influential and Whalar can use to manage their creator marketing campaigns on the app.

It also added Open Application Campaigns which let brands brief creators on the Creator Marketplace so they can self-apply and participate.

“We’ve witnessed time and time again the important role that brands play in the TikTok experience,” said Blake Chandlee, President, Global Business Solutions. “We’ve also seen how our community enjoys engaging with the brands they love. So when businesses of all sizes come to TikTok, we’re excited to help them connect with their community, market their products, and build their brand in a way they can’t do anywhere else.”

The Branded Content Toogle lets creators mark videos and disclose commercial content while Customized Instant Page means they can create landing pages that load in seconds and 11x faster than standard mobile pages.

At the same time, TikTok wants to make it easier for marketers to measure their campaigns. It added Ad Viewability with DoubleVerify and MOAT alongside brand safety and inventory filter tools.

TikTok Shopping a new suite of solutions and ad tools that empower brands and merchants to engage with customers.

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