TikTok launches Spark Ads format

Anne Freer | July 22, 2021

App Business

TikTok has launched a new ad format called Spark Ads that lets brands and advertisers share native content directly from TikTok’s community.

The addition is also a bonus for creators because it allows them to work more closely with brands and have their content reused potentially as part of a brand deal.

Spark Ads are organic videos that fit a campaign objective such as views or conversions.

Brands can access a whole range of content made available by creators on the platform to diversify their ads and connect with the influencers to promote products in a more organic manner.

The ads can be Duet feature-enabled.

Coffee chain Costa Coffee recently used Spark Ads to show off its new menu. It drove over 42 million impressions at just £1.39 CPM in the campaign which marks a 150% rise in followers or 18,000 new fans.

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