TikTok extends LIVE video support for creators and audiences

Anne Freer | August 3, 2021

App Business

TikTok has launched several new features to support its LIVE videos for both creators and audiences.

Live-streaming has grown dramatically over the last year and has become an important component of how artists, creators and brands connect with viewers on the popular short-form video app.

More recently the app collaborated with pop band The Weeknd for a global, immersive live performance.

Now it has added LIVE Events, an option tab that lets creators schedule, manage and promote their LIIVE videos.

Audiences can register to receive notifications about upcoming shows from their favourite artists on the app. And it’s not only a tool musicians can make use of. The addition could benefit museums but also brands working with creators.

TikTok users can now also view LIVE stream with a Picture-in-Picture viewing mode that doesn’t distract with the comment stream.

With Go LIVE Together multiple creators and artists can collaborate to join in a LIVE session together and afterward they can respond to viewer questions via LIVE Q&A.

For audiences, TikTok has added Top LIVEs that rank the top LIVE videos so viewers never miss their favourites. The videos are sorted into different categories including Chat (Q&A), Gaming, Talents, Fashion, and Daily Life.

Hosts are also getting a new help section that also lets them assign a person they trust to manage their streams.

Hosts can also limit what users may write while viewing video content by setting LIVE keywords (up to 200).

TikTok said it also has plans to roll out temporary muting of viewers or removing those who are abusive.

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