TikTok ad exposure almost doubles and ad perception high among consumers

Anne Freer | September 6, 2021

App Business

The number of consumers that were exposed to ads on TikTok rose to 37% in 2021, up from 19% last year.

That’s according to new data released by Kantar as part of its Media Reactions survey that asked 900 marketers and 14,500 consumers about their media brand perceptions.

Consumer perceived TikTok ads to be fun and entertaining, demonstrating that the app has strengthened its overall appeal among app users over the last year.

TikTok was also voted as the most innovative app for in-app ads among marketers.

Yet, what Google and Facebook lack in innovation, they make up for in trustworthiness.

Formats that were less popular with consumers are now better integrated such as online and mobile gaming ads and music streaming services.

“People now have more formed opinions about ads on the platform, both positive and negative. As in 2020, TikTok is seen as the platform with the most ‘fun and entertaining’ ads, but there are also a few more people starting to think there are too many ads. While ads on TikTok might not be quite as novel as last year, it is still an exciting experience for consumers,” the report states.

The most trusted environment for ads was Spotify followed by Google and Amazon.

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