Three Ways Cloud is Revolutionizing App Development

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Posted: December 26, 2017

Cloud computing has changed how developers and entrepreneurs look at app development.

The emerging trends in big data analytics and mobile computing are set to create the most innovative mobile applications that’ll give you a high return on your investment and efforts. Businesses need faster, easier and more efficient ways of delivering applications targeted to specific customer choices and enterprise requirements. Cloud app development plays a major role here. While the modern world embarks on using services on the fly, 85% of the enterprises have multi-cloud strategy today, where they use two or more cloud computing services through software as a service(SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments. For instance, you can deploy your CRM application to Salesforce and at the same time, you can choose Azure for your custom online applications. It can also encompass your private cloud or own data center.

This is how cloud computing is generating higher value propositions in app development. Let’s first see the benefits that cloud apps offer in the mobile-first market:

  • Fast response to business needs: Cloud applications can be tested and deployed quickly providing fast time-to-market
  • Higher scalability: As per the business demands, the available capacity of the software can be adjusted.
  • Reduced costs: The data centers, that are run by the major cloud infrastructure, offer low prices. Cloud-based apps are less expensive to maintain than counter on-premise installation.
  • Improved security and data sharing: As the data stored in the cloud is readily and instantly available to the authorized users, it is more easily backed up on regular working. Also, the cloud providers have world-class experts to provide infrastructure security measures and on-demand security solutions to the enterprises.
  • Simplified working: Third-party cloud providers are hired for infrastructure management in the cloud.

How does the cloud work?

Typically, a cloud application is one that need not permanently reside on a local device and can function and be updated offline. In a cloud app, the data stored in a remote data center, which is usually operated and maintained by a third-party company. The backend ensures security and uptime and supports multiple access methods.

The first-mover advantage that the cloud application development offers when compared to web applications is that they don’t need a continuous internet connection to function. It can perform the processing task on a local desktop/mobile. An internet connection is primarily required for downloading/uploading the data. Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect example here, which stores the data to the Office 365 cloud server.

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The app development world is taking cloud advantage to develop advanced mobile applications and user experiences. Here’s how cloud app development is transforming the app development services:

Choosing Hybrid Cloud for enterprise applications

Private cloud app development has witnessed a slight decline in its adoption rate. More app developers and app development companies are shifting their interests to hybrid cloud environments. Moving beyond the original core services of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, developers are choosing more reliable and effective strategies where not all workloads are equal, but some are better positioned in a public cloud while others that are low on latency and require more security are placed on a private cloud.

For instance, real-time trading application or patient’s health data can be stored in a private cloud whereas the backend processes that require large storage can be processed through a public cloud. So, with hybrid clouds solutions, enterprises have the flexibility to put their applications on the servers where they run the best. Additionally, hybrid clouds contribute to cost management, which is a win-win for everyone. Working with expert cloud app developers, you can stay confident as you’ll get the maximum value from your cloud spend.

Fully-integrated and unified security solutions

Closing the gap between IT and business and enriching enterprises’ trust in the cloud solutions, app developers work on integrating an organization’s security solutions across multiple cloud environments. Whether your company has already reached the cloud or is approaching it, your app developers need to be reskilled how to use integrated services to drive business outcomes. Adding services like voice-activated controls for emergency assistance in luxury cars or other services integrated on iPhones, the whole landscape is being redefined. The cloud app development will move to the next level with natural programming like voice-control APIs and augmented intelligence.

Today, every app from ride-hailing to online shopping sees a spectacular success with the cloud. The latest example is that of Azure App Service Environment (ASE), which deploys your PaaS services in a locked-down manner. With the ASE, you can control who has the access to your App Services.

Enabling social media networking and Geo-location features

Cloud computing is enabling mobile app developers to create mesmerizing user experience while keeping their experimentation cost low.  By using cloud, developers can easily add the social login functionality to their app and seamlessly integrate it with social media networking websites. Similarly, to offer a more contextual user experience, cloud services can enable the apps with geo-location services and offer a smooth experience across multiple platforms and devices. Cloud has become a game changer for app developers and businesses globally.

For deeper insights into the current cloud computing trends, here’s the detailed report on the state of the cloud survey by RightScale.

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