Things You Should Consider Before Launching A Game Development Project

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Posted: August 26, 2016


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The dramatic success of numerous game projects is whetting appetite of game developers. They believe that they can also deliver a killer product and grab all untapped opportunities this market has. However, developers should take into account a number of factors common for all mobile game creators.

Game Success

Firstly, developers should understand that only one out of 1,000 mobile games can become a “rock star”. Others may also find their fans, but they will never repeat such a roaring success. Over 500 games are submitted on a daily basis to the iOS App Store alone. Players do not have time to download and install all new games, thus, only a small number of mobile games can achieve success.

Importance of promotion

The larger sums of money are poured into promotional activities, the more chances for success the game has. The cost of an advertising campaign for a business app is approximately $45,000-50,000, but when it comes to the promotion of a mobile game, the cost stands at around $100,000 (if it is a popular game).

Game Graphics

Mobile game graphics is also very important. Development costs must not be reduced at the expense of graphics. Moreover, designers and artists must be included in a team. Development of a game is a less important in this case. Besides, an art director must be experienced enough to manage the game art design activities.

Mobile game concept

Good Game Concept

However, developers should take into account that a beautiful design can hold users’ attention for several minutes, but they will not play the game any more if it is not interesting for them. A good idea of a game is crucial for its success. Everybody knows how successful were (and currently are) such games as Flappy Birds, Angry Birds, 2048 and Pokémon Go. All these games are based on a great idea that makes users accept game rules and keep to them during the gameplay. Creation of a good game concept represents an important step on the way to success.

Mobile App Developers

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Do not skip testing

Mass testing is a very important stage of a game development project. People working on a project may be sure that their project will have many fans all over the world, but this does not mean that users will love the app. Children and teenagers, students and people who work and do have much time to play games make up the target audience of mobile games. Test your game on various demographic groups to find out how good your app is for people of different age and with different levels of educational attainment. Do not expect that your project will meet the deadline you set. There are numerous problems your team will have to solve and their resolving will steal your time. Be honest with yourself – the project duration will be by increased at least 1.5 times.

Achievements sharing

Encourage players to share their achievements with friends. Their desire to tell friends about the goals they reached, bonuses they received, etc. is a powerful promotional tool. Enable users to share their results on social media and elsewhere. But do not forget to protect your game against cheating, since cheating is an acute problem each game project faces.

The power of negative reviews

Negative reviews always prevail over positive ones. Players are more likely to describe their negative experience than to write about things they love in an game. Any technical issues (e.g. bugs and incompatibility) users deal with can encourage them to leave a negative comment. If you do not have an opportunity to make your game technically excellent and solve all compatibility issues, your project is unlikely to reach the heights you expect from it since it will be buried under a glut of negative reviews.

Keeping users’ attention

Retain users’ attention. Players are easily bored and you should launch updates (for instance, they can be made on different holidays like Christmas), additions, add new levels, etc. Schedule these activities in such a manner that would not allow users to forget about your game.

A war against clones

Clone wars never stop. Once an innovative game is released, be sure that you will see a dozen of similar games in the same store a week later. They may be pale imitations of the original game, but cases when a code of the original game was reviewed are also quite common. Be ready to protect your game with copyright and pay close attention to the juridical aspect of the matter. You will have to search for clones of the games and ask stores to delete them.


Consider all pros and cons a game project has, be it an ordinary project or a custom mobile app development one. If you think that such a project can be completed easily, it will be a mistake to start it.

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