The Sustainable Growth Handbook: The blueprint for holistic mobile app growth

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Posted: June 13, 2024

The mobile app industry is at a turning point, grappling with the challenges of sustainable and profitable growth in a highly competitive market. Recognizing the critical need for a cohesive approach, the Sustainable Growth Handbook has been launched, setting a new standard for mobile app growth strategies.

This innovative handbook delivers a comprehensive framework focused on three core areas essential for scalable app success: acquisition, product, and engagement. These areas are interconnected, each powering the other to create a growth loop that not only attracts but retains users while maximizing profitability.

Insights from industry leaders

The handbook is not just a publication but a distillation of insights from leaders across the mobile app ecosystem. Created by ConsultMyApp in close collaboration with Peggy Anne Salz, and experts from renowned platforms at Braze, MixPanel, and AppsFlyer—the Sustainable Growth Handbook highlights practical strategies and success stories in mobile growth. These discussions underscore the importance of integrating advanced analytics and marketing automation to drive user engagement and retention.

Whether you’re a CMO, a seasoned developer or a mobile marketing pro, this handbook is packed with tips to drive success across acquisition, engagement and product.

  • Craft personalised user experiences for enhanced retention
  • Utilise customer insights for continuous product and marketing optimisation
  • Measure and enhance the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Harness the power of first-party data and analytics
  • Unify the customer journey for improved personalisation and retention

The Sustainable Growth Handbook is now available for download here.

Featuring the latest app growth strategies and insights that transcend traditional marketing funnels.

Learn how to effectively link product development, user acquisition, and engagement to foster sustainable mobile growth. Download your free copy now.

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