The subscription app opportunity

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Posted: July 13, 2022

Subscription app models have seen huge growth in recent years with the top 100 subscription apps worldwide earning $18.3 billion in revenue in 2021 and global revenue on track to hit nearly $243 billion in 2022. 🤑

In every major category brands like Calm, Tinder, Disney and Pandora are building huge recurring revenue streams and engaged user bases.

However, succeeding with subscription apps is tough and comes with many challenges.

How to acquire subscription app users?

  • How to target paying users
  • The fallout from SKAdNetwork challenges
  • How to avoid hitting an acquisition plateau

How to activate your users?

  • Perfecting the onboarding process
  • Making the most out of your free trial windows
  • Having an effective communication strategy

How to get your monetization strategy right?

  • Figuring out the best pricing structure
  • Optimizing your paywall setup
  • The problem with some freemium options

How can you retain your users?

  • Keeping up with product innovation
  • Adapting to changing user needs
  • Building customer loyalty

To address these topics and more, App Promotion Summit SF – Subscription App Strategies will host conversations covering key themes across the subscription funnel.

Join us in-person or online on Thursday 29th September to discover how to level up your subscription app marketing game 🚀

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