The Subscription App Opportunity in 2023

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Posted: July 13, 2023

The number of apps with subscription models has grown rapidly in the last few years and nearly 30% of IAP spend came from subscriptions in Q1 2023. 🤑

The app economy is projected to hit $614 billion by 2026 and apps across all verticals are building huge recurring revenue streams and engaged user bases through subscriptions.

However, with monthly app subscriptions costing on average $8.94 and less than 2% of app downloads converting to paid subscribers, succeeding with subscription apps remains tough as users cut back on spending.

At APS San Francisco – Subscription App Strategies we will cover how to drive subscription app growth through better analytics, acquisition, activation, monetization and retention.

We will explore how to level up your subscription app marketing game by answering questions like…

How to acquire subscription app users?

  • Getting your product-market fit right
  • Targeting the right, paying users
  • Referral and reward programs

How to activate them after download?

  • Optimizing onboarding experience
  • Push permissioning
  • Getting the value proposition right

How to get a monetization strategy right?

  • A/B testing of pricing tiers
  • Paywall optimization and promotions
  • Using LTV:CAC

How to achieve long-term retention?

  • Cross-channel messaging
  • Predicting (and preventing) friction areas and churn
  • Win-back programs

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