The Evolution Of Mobfox: New Beauty To Match The Brains

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Posted: December 15, 2016


This post originally featured on the Matomy Blog. 


Noam Neumann is the Vice President of Mobile Strategy at Matomy Media Group.

Next time you stop by the MobFox site, you may notice a few things – a new logo and a whole new website. If you haven’t seen it yet, visit our site, tell us what you think, and most importantly enjoy it – it’s there for you.

So why the makeover? MobFox has always been a driving force, always on the forefront of technology. And while we are constantly tinkering under the hood, developing and improving smarter mediation and monetization tools, our website has not always accurately reflected the powerful technology behind the MobFox platform. But now MobFox has an exterior that finally fits the impressive interior – matching beauty with brains.

From Mobile Monetization to Mediation & More

Started in 2010 by a then 17-year-old Julian Zehetmayr, MobFox quickly grew into Europe’s largest mobile technology platform. Years later, with a first-class network for advertisers and publishers and multiple offices around the world, MobFox caught the attention of advertising pioneer Matomy, and the rest is history – Matomy acquired MobFox in 2014 and it was full steam ahead. MobFox evolved from solely offering monetization to an SSP, a technology platform for app developers and publishers, offering an ad server, mediation, and monetization in one.

Driving Technology into the Future

This new website and branding come on the heels of an amazing year at MobFox – one that saw the implementation of artificial intelligence, the introduction of auto-optimization and mediation through Autopilot, and a renewed focus on data and transparency.

As we move forward into the new year, our partners have exciting news to look forward to:

(1) Pre-Bid Mediation: Taking Autopilot to the next level, publishers have the choice to move from waterfall-based to auction-based mediation. There will be three options in total: waterfall, Autopilot, and pre-bid mediation.

(2) Data-Driven PMP: Our data-driven programmatic private marketplace enables app developers to better sell segmentation according to specific criteria, including gender, user habits, hobbies, shopping activities, for improved targeting for advertisers.

(3) MobFox Is Expanding: We’re opening new offices in APAC, Europe, and the Middle East.

These are only a few of the new developments we will launch in the upcoming weeks. With a whole new look and innovative developments built on the backbone of smarter technology, not only does MobFox help publishers achieve their mediation and monetization needs, it makes their lives easier.

Check out our new look website here.

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