The cost to acquire a dating app user dropped 18% in 2017

Andy Boxall | February 1, 2018

App Business

Dating apps, “used to be seen as a last resort,” and are now becoming, “the first port of call,” says app marketing company Liftoff, and competition in the app world is huge. This attention has led to a decrease in the cost of user acquisition compared to prices seen in 2016.

In 2017 it cost $2.75 to acquire a new dating app user. This is an 18% drop over 2016’s $3.36 cost. The trend continues as the user completes registration, which in 2017 cost $5.12 rather than $6.65 in 2016.

Continuing to subscription, a 23% drop in the cost of getting a user to commit was recorded in 2017, falling from $247.77 to $189.82. Liftoff notes that an average annual dating app subscription works out to cost $360.

Install-to-registration numbers have risen too. In 2016 the rate was 50.6%, compared to 53.8% in 2017; but the install-to-subscription figures are almost identical. The 2016 figure was 1.4%, compared to 1.5% in 2017.

Liftoff suggests the growing number of people aware of dating apps, and the decreased social stigma regarding their use, is part of the reason for the overall cost reduction.

Liftoff writes:

“Whatever the reason, the outcome signals a positive trend sure to carry into 2018. Clearly, users are willing to install apps and complete the registration, inputting valuable data that fuels retargeting efforts later on.”

Liftoff’s complete User Acquisition Trends and Benchmarks report for Mobile Dating can be found here.

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