The 7 Secrets of Mobile Ad Networks

Peter Keung | November 25, 2014

Mobile Advertising

Top Secret
Mobile ad networks provide mobile advertisers and publishers with ways to increase their brand identity and monetise their apps. But maybe not everything is as straightforward as it seems… Here are 7 secrets of mobile ad networks that you might not have known, written by an anonymous contributor – can you guess who it is? Of course not all mobile ad networks are the same and some are better than others but it pays to know their secrets …
1. They don’t own all their traffic
Some ad networks claim that a large amount of their traffic is owned by them. But that’s usually by adding all their partners’ traffic together as well.
2. Their tracking tools aren’t always accurate
Cookie tracking doesn’t work in the mobile format. So ad networks use a “Device Fingerprint” that works by generating a “unique code” based on the device data.
3. They are companies and try to keep maximum benefits
Being on a two-sided market, they acquire publishers by offering outstanding revenues and high fillrates. But they won’t keep their clients for long if they have better offers.
4. They don’t know where the ad is displayed
They know where the ad is being shown on their own network, but once they connect with others they lose this information. This leads to the possibility of duplicated publishers.
5. Facebook mobile ads
Despite fullscreen formats (videos and banners), Facebook offers more traffic and performance possibilities. When Facebook ads first appeared most networks had problems, now they are using the extra traffic to their advantage.
6. Google and Apple could change this situation
Both companies could define one single legal tracking format. This could help the whole mobile industry. But they haven’t and won’t.
7. Click fraud is over 40%
Fraudulent and accidental (fat finger) clicks are a really high percentage of all clicks, 40% in fact.
There you have it, beware of these 7 deadly secrets behind some mobile ad networks. Thanks go out to our anonymous source.

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