Tapjoy looks eastward with 5Rocks acquisition, combines monetisation with analytics

Mobile monetisation platform TapJoy has picked-up Korean analytics and marketing automation company 5Rocks.
TapJoy, which is probably best known for its incentivised ad service, will use 5Rocks’ technology to help users of its nGen monetisation platform identify user groups, such those who are engaged, high-value, or at risk.
This is the first acquisition TapJoy has made – to our knowledge – since it acquired the Viximo team back in 2012. It’s interesting that the company has gone all the way to Korea to pick-up an analytics platform, but given that the region has the most valuable free-to-play users in the world it certainly makes sense.
TapJoy CEO Steve Wadsworth said:

“The acquisition of 5Rocks is a transformative moment for Tapjoy, as the combined platforms allow us to quickly integrate best-in-class publisher analytics and insights with the industry’s leading mobile ad platform to create what we call an ‘app-tech’ solution for mobile publishers. 5Rocks’ services are complementary to what we have built at Tapjoy, and our combined platforms and team will have the technology, products and expertise to increase advertising effectiveness and help further define the future of app engagement and monetization services.”

The combination of 5Rocks’ real-time behaviour analytics and TapJoy’s monetisation platform sounds a bit like the merger of PlayHaven and Kontagent late last year, which resulted in the combined analytics/monetisation service Upsight. Obviously such unions could pose a conflict of interest if you’re selling some kind of monetisation service and measuring it at the same time. As adjust’s CEO Christian Henchel put it, “analytics and measurement should be the Switzerland within the mobile ad ecosystem.” But with app analytics becoming more and more common place, companies need to do something to stand out from the crowd.
TapJoy’s acquisition is also the latest in a spree of consolidation in the app analytics space over the last six months. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. For more information check out TapJoy’s press release.

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