Tapjoy acquires Tapdaq to expand app monetisation options

Tapjoy, the mobile advertising and monetisation platform, just announced that it has acquired Tapdaq, the ad mediation and app monetisation provider.

The move aligns with Tapjoy’s vision to expand app tools to monetise mobile content and audiences.

Tapdaq was launched in 2012 and has since worked with a wide variety of app clients and demand source partners including Tapjoy. The company provides a range of ad mediation options for developers to help them cross-promote their ads.

It uses real-time data from SDK-based demand sources for a more transparent ad mediation process that allows high bidders to win.

“Tapdaq is leading the way for programmatic ad mediation that puts the developer’s needs front and center,” explained Steve Wadsworth, CEO of Tapjoy. “Tapdaq’s philosophy of providing an unbiased and transparent auction is crucial to building developer trust and fits perfectly with our own goals and beliefs. We are excited to welcome the entire Tapdaq team to the Tapjoy family, and we look forward to rolling out a unified solution that benefits the entire developer community.”

For now, Tapdaq continues to work as an independent entity, but with a name change to “Tapdaq by Tapjoy”. The company’s London headquarters will join Tapjoy’s London team. By integrating Tapdaq, the company moves closer in fulfilling its plans to provide a full-service Maximum Impact Platform.

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