Swaarm launches new attribution for mobile ads affected by IDFA changes

Anne Freer | April 15, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Swaarm announced a new attribution chain methodology for mobile ads following the changes made with iOS 14.

The Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain) provides an attribution model for companies that have been impacted by Apple’s removal of its user device identifier for advertisers (IDFA).

The removal of IDFA has been a big blow to many mobile advertisers as it impacts current user attribution models and thus makes it harder to optimise ads.

The threat is that this could decrease ROI and result in lower revenues for publishers. Apple rolled out App Tracking Transparency and the SKAdNetwork to lessen the blow a bit, but key capabilities like user-level attribution have not been accurately replaced.

“We at Swaarm believe that the power and beauty of the internet consists in its distributed and varied nature, where small publishers and large media conglomerates can thrive and provide valuable content to internet users,” said David Frei, CEO of Swaarm.

”This is why we created the Privacy Enabled Attribution chain method to enable attribution throughout the whole chain without collecting any personal information.”

As part of the new solution, Swaarm’s platform generates a special token called “PEA Chain” that is passed in the click and retrieved during postback. This token essentially contains all the information required to determine campaign and traffic source

“Apple’s removal of IDFA has been concerning businesses like ours and our marketing partners that rely on user-level tracking to effectively optimize our campaigns,” added Oleksandra Gipsh, Co-Founder & COO of Apptrust.

“Since Swaarm’s Privacy Enabled Attribution Chain largely solves for the lack of IDFA-based tracking, we’ve moved to their platform and can now say we’re better prepared for when Apple finally removes IDFA from the mobile ecosystem.”

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