Startup Innovator Series: Meet Mahmee, a Healthcare App for Postpartum Support

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Posted: May 18, 2016

Kara Dake is a Product Evangelist for CleverTap and the host of an ongoing Startup Innovators interview and event series. Each week she highlights high-growth mobile startup founders and marketers in the vibrant startup scene in LA & London.  Kara is currently General Assembly’s Startup, Marketing & Women in Tech curator for Los Angeles. Kara also launched and now advises the LA Chapter of the Vinetta Project, an organization that connects female entrepreneurs to investors.


Kara Dake, Product Evangelist @ CleverTap, met with Melissa Hanna, Founder & CEO of Mahmee Mahmee is a healthcare platform for parents to receive personalized, ongoing postpartum support.

LA-based Mahmee launched in December 2015 and is a recent graduate of the 500 Startups program. The company was in private beta for most of 2015, refining their features and figuring out what moms need most from their services.

Melissa said that due to their private beta period, Mahmee was able to do a lot of experimentation quickly and tailor the user experience based on the different channels they activate users from. One of their most fruitful findings is that for moms that came from word of mouth, engagement was high quickly and those users started asking questions in the tool right away.  Moms coming from other channels such as social ads, mom blogger networks, and influencer marketing, required a bit more up front messaging to create engagement.

Mahmee’s team also found out that if a user didn’t sign up for an online class or communicate with Mahmee’s practitioners in the first 48 hours, the likelihood of churn was much higher. They also found that on the flip side of this, when users engaged with the app’s features in the first 48 hours, the lifetime value almost doubled.

In terms of engagement, Mahmee’s team expected they would be interrupting users with too many notifications and push messages, but their biggest takeaway from the beta period is they realized they do need to do more engagement than they originally thought. Their users enjoy regular notifications, and they like to be in conversation with the Mahmee team and platform on a daily basis. This has been key to keep their users’ happiness high.

As mentioned, Mahmee is a recent graduate of the 500 Startups program, which Melissa described as “rocketfuel for your startup.” Going through the program helped the team experience how quickly they could move and build together, developing their team dynamic and scaling nationwide as fast as possible.

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