StartApp expands onto iOS, offers sign-up bonuses

Mobile advertising platform StartApp has launched its long awaited SDK for iOS developers and is running a few promotions to encourage sign-ups.
The previously Android-online company is offering the same banner ads and full-page interstitials with its iOS SDK that Android devs have enjoyed, as well as a 2D and 3D offer wall. StartApp says the ads are specifically optimised for the iOS user interface “integrating seamlessly into the iOS design experience.”
StartApp’s iOS ads
StartApp is also offering bonuses for any iOS developer who signs-up for the new SDK. From now until the end of July iOS devs can double their revenue from their apps once they’ve passed certain thresholds and will get a $100 sign-up bonus.
Here’s how the bonus system is working:

  • Earn $100 from your iOS apps and receive a $100 bonus.
  • Earn $500 from your iOS apps—get a $500 bonus.
  • Earn $1,000 from your iOS app—get a $1000 bonus.

And here’s a video of StartApp’s new SDK with more info:

StartApp’s entry into the iOS market is certainly overdue, but being Android-only hasn’t hindered the company’s growth too much, having hit 1.5 billion downloads, 70 thousand installs and 200 million impressions at the beginning of the year. The New York-based company is clearly on the up. For more information on StartApp’s new iOS SDK head over to the website.

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