Speaking at the London Affiliate Conference #LAC

James Cooper | January 23, 2010


If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing on mobile and iphone then come along to the London Affiliate Conference.
You can catch mobyaffiliates in the 11.45 am slot on Saturday 28th January talking about the following:
The Mobile Platform: Affiliate Opportunities

2009 has been the year that mobile internet took off, with the game-changing success of the iphone driving forward the entire market. As a result, many people in the affiliate marketing industry are now seeing mobile as The Next Big Thing. So, what are the opportunities in mobile for the casino affilate industry?
– How well developed is mobile commerce?
– How has affiliate marketing been used on mobile in the past?
– Why the casino sector is now leading the way on mobile
– How are affiliates generating traffic and managing campaigns and analytics on mobile?
Look forward to seeing you there!

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