Social app Yubo adds free games for friends to play

Anne Freer | May 5, 2020

App Business

Yubo, the social discovery platform for teenagers, launched a series of free games for its users to help entertain them during lockdown.

As part of a larger package, the company released four games to start with – To Be Honest, Would You Rather, Draw Quiz and Let Them Guess.

The games were created in collaboration with its users and follow a spike in conversations.

“This has been a community-based process from start to finish, as we always ensure that our users have their say,” said Yubo co-founder and CEO, Sacha Lazimi. “The main aim of this latest launch is to bring fun and positivity to our teenage community, helping them to stay connected with one another during this heightened period of online activity, when unfortunately, it’s not possible for them to connect in person.”

According to Yubo, 300% more people were live-streaming on the app and overall length of streams had increased 310%.

The app also saw a 275% rise in daily sign-ups since the start of the year.

Because of the sudden increase in demand, Yubo has been busy expanding its features and functions.

The games are meant to be played in a group. For example, To Be Honest is a game much like truth and dare but without the dare part. Users are given a questions such as ‘Who would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island?’ and then have 30 seconds to answer. Fellow gamers then rate their favourite answers.

Yubo has a community over more than 30 million global users. It posted a poll in March to find out which games users would prefer to play on the app. Pictionary came back as one of the top answers.

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