Snapchat rewards creators for best Spotlight videos

Anne Freer | November 25, 2020

App Business

Snapchat is investing $1 million per day to reward creators that share the best video content in order to promote its Spotlight feature.

Spotlight is similar to TikTok, allowing Snapchat users to create short-form video clips of a total of 60 seconds in length.

Users can also add captions and licensed music clips as well as original recordings and AR filters to embellish their videos.

The tool isn’t restricted to seasoned creators either. Anyone can use it to show off their skills.

In an announcement, the app said that “Spotlight is designed to reward creativity in a fair and fun way, and we’re distributing over $1 million USD every day to Snapchatters.”

However, users must be 16 years or older or obtain parental consent to take part.

Earnings from Spotlight videos will be based on the number of unique video views.

Snap’s ranking algorithm will filter the most engaging Snaps that people are interested in and share them with the community.

“Spotlight shines a light on the most entertaining Snaps created by the Snapchat community, no matter who created them. We built Spotlight to be a place where anyone’s content can take center stage – without needing a public account, or an influencer following.”

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