Snapchat preparing to launch parental monitoring

Anne Freer | May 24, 2022

App Business

Screenshots of Snap’s upcoming Family Centre have emerged. The feature lets parents check who engages with their child on the Snapchat app.

The tool is meant to give parents more control over whom their children communicate with on the app. 

It is meant to nurture trust between Snapchat and parents who may be worried that their kids are exposed to potentially harmful connections. 

While that sounds admirable, it could also be problematic for Snap because it is used by people to engage in intimate and private conversations. 

In other words, while parents may welcome the feature, users are probably not going to be impressed. 

Users will still need to accept a parents’ invitation for monitoring, but even the fact that the feature exists may put some users off continuing to use the app. 

That’s especially true for teenagers who are unlikely to be happy about parental control of their online conversations.

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