Snapchat officially launches Snapchat+

Anne Freer | July 1, 2022

App Business

Snapchat just rolled out its Snapchat+ subscription service which offers access to exclusive in-app features like app icons and custom profile badges, insights and other tools. 

Users pay a small fee of $3.99 per month to access the pre-release features. 

Snapchat said the subscription service was aimed at its more passionate community members. 

As we’ve previously reported, Snapchat+ offers features such as exclusive Snapchat icons, badges that show users are Snapchat+ users, access to location history and an option to pin top friends. 

Whether the company can even sign up just 1% of its audience remains to be seen given that none of the features are particularly groundbreaking. 

But if it does that could be an extra $13 million in revenues. 

A similar feature on Twitter called Blue that costs $2.99 per month has been slow to gain ground which may offer some indication as to how Snap will fare. 

Snapchat+ will be available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabi and UAE.

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