Snapchat now lets users share their locations privately

Snapchat has reconsidered its location tools following initial outrage over the invasiveness of Snap Maps. Now, the app lets users update their location in real-time to share them with their friends via Snap Maps.

However, this time around, users get to select whom they wish to share their location details with. This allows them to ensure that only select friends can see where they are.

Snapchat confirmed the feature to TechCrunch. Snap Maps will be launching over the coming weeks.

Once a user shares his/her location, it will appear on a messaging threat with the chosen recipient. The only requisite for the tool is that users are already following each other. This means that people cannot be spammed with unrelated location updates from users they may not follow or even know.

Additionally, locations remain active for just 8 hours before they disappear and can be cancelled up to that time point.

Although the Snap Map update may be met with some criticism, in time it could also be a unique differentiator for the app. That is, until Instagram starts copying it.

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