Snapchat makes Stories sharable through video viewer on its website

Andy Boxall | January 24, 2018

App Business

Snapchat is about to launch a video viewer on, where Stories shared from the main app can be viewed by anyone, whether they have a Snapchat account or not. It’s a continuing effort to increase engagement with the app, and encourage user growth.

Stories shared publicly in Snapchat will have a new share option, which will generate a link ready to share the video with the wider world. The sharable Stories categorized as Official Stories will be available for 24 hours, but those labeled Our Stories or Search Stories will be viewable for up to 30 days.

The shareable Story feature is part of Snapchat’s redesigned app, which hasn’t met with wide approval by fans, and is currently only available in selected regions. Initially, only users in Australia and Canada will see the ability to share Stories, due to having greater access to Snapchat’s new app.

The feature will likely be available in more locations in the near future.

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