Snapchat launches Trends for improved audience insights

Anne Freer | September 9, 2021

App Business

Snapchat launches a new dashboard for brands and communities that gives them better insights into the topics and moments most relevant to users.

Snapchat Trends features the most popular keywords discussed by users via Stories and My Stories according to views.

It also features a searchable database of terms that provides insights into organic discussions on the app and trending topics.

Brands can make use of Snapchat Trends in various ways.

For one, the insights highlight organic consumer behaviour and give brands an overview of where their products may fit more organically.

Brands with an interest in contextually-relevant ads can benefit from taking a closer look at language trends that are emerging across the app.

By gaining an insight into users’ daily hobbies and activities, marketers are able to target their audiences more effectively.

“We found that mentions of the term “streaming” reliably peaks every Friday, which aligns with new music drops and new content hitting the streaming platforms. This opens up new potential media strategies and opportunities to align with your audiences core interests,” Snapchat wrote in a blog post.

Another valuable piece of information Trends offer is consumer sentiment toward a specific product.

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