Snapchat launches six-second mobile video commercial ads

Anne Freer | October 9, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Snap is set to launch its first commercial in the US – a six-second, non-skippable video advert.

The commercials are being shown to users who watch shows in Snapchat Discover.

They were initially trialled back in April with major advertisers Tinder and NBCUniversal.

Tinder said the cost per completed view was $0.04 while NBCUniversal noted that brand awareness was two two times that of a regular Snapchat Ad.

By combining the commercial with Augmented Reality lenses and filters, Tinder was able to boost user engagement even further.

The roll-out of commercials provides marketers with additional tools to boost brand awareness among Gen Z and millennial customers. The ad format is going live by mid-October.

Snapchat Discover currently streams 60 shows and attracted some 10 million viewers during the first quarter of the year.

Snap also said that 80% of daily viewers watched Discover content three days a week. The daily number of Snapchat users rose over 45% during the second quarter of the year.

Snap continues to add content to its Discover section in an effort to keep users engaged for longer and more often. If successful, it could be a major attraction for advertisers to use commercials.

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