Snapchat and food delivery apps among most stressful apps

Anne Freer | November 3, 2021

App Business

There’s little doubt that social app use can be stressful. But which apps are the most stress-inducing?

A new analysis by SEO experts Higher Visibility finds that Snapchat was the most stress-inducing app with 91% of reviews on the App Store being calculated as stressed. Frustrated users were complaining about mostly technical issues.

Instagram ranks second with 84% of stressed reviews some of which claim it is “addictive” and “damaging”.

The photo app has come under scrutiny in recent years over disrupting users’ body image and having widespread mental health affects.

Hulu was the most stress-inducing streaming app with 86% of reviews. The app currently has 39 million subscribers but suffers from technical issues.

Disney+ ranked second with 71% of stressed reviews. The least annoying app was YouTube at only 22% of reviews on the AppStore being stressed. People were most irritated about double adverts on the app.

On the messaging app front, Messenger leads with 79% of stressed and negative reviews on the App Store. Some called the app “shocking” and “annoying”.

Skype was seen as the least problematic communication app with just 20% of reviews rated as stressed.

However, it’s food apps that top all other app categories – many of which ranked over 90% for stressed reviews.

Postmates was the worst with 94% of reviews complaining about the app, followed by Uber Eats and Door Dash.

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