Snapchat adds Snap Minis for app integrations

Anne Freer | June 19, 2020

App Business

Snapchat has launched Snap Minis which are smaller apps built by third-party developers that sit within the messaging app.

The feature was originally announced at its Partner Summit which saw the app maker roll out various other new functions and highlights.

The feature will be available to users to interact with over the next few months.

The apps are based on HTML5 which means they are easy to create and resembled flashcard apps.

Snapchat also provides access to mini apps from within the main app through a collaboration with popular meditation app Headspace, for example.

Another Mini app is Movie Tickes by Atom which lets friends choose a time to see a movie at a local cinema.

The move is a step into the direction of a more streamlined app experience. Chinese apps Weibo and WeChat already provide such experiences whereby people are using a single app through which they access multiple other app features and integration like ordering food or booking taxis.

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